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Colorful paint job on Malaysia's Batu Caves staircase may be illegal




 | Thu, August 30, 2018 | 06:05 am


The colorful staircase of the iconic Batu Caves Temple that has gone viral on social media could land the temple committee in trouble, as the multi-million ringgit painting and renovation works were not sanctioned by the National Heritage Department (JWN).

The Sri Subramaniar Swamy Temple located on the top of the staircase is a National Heritage site listed under the National Heritage Registry. Any application for development must go through the heritage department.

In a 2015 interview with StarMetro, Batu Caves Sri Mahamariamman Temple Devasthanam committee chairman R. Nadarajah said that three lots encompassing 6.6ha in Batu Caves - Lot 1197, Lot 4557 and Lot 6020 - had been designated a heritage site in 2012.

He added that a few other sites were gazetted as well, including the entire compound where the yearly Thaipusam festival takes place.

Activist and Sentosa assemblyman G. Gunaraj told StarMetro that JWN conservators were unhappy, as permission had not been obtained from them as required under Section 40 of the National Heritage Act 2005, prior to the renovation.

"I was told that in accordance with the Act's Section 40 requirements, the temple management must refer to the department to identify best conservation methods when there is any development or renovation work done in close proximity to a national heritage site.


"This is to ensure the integrity and legacy of the heritage structure is maintained,'' Mr Gunaraj said.

His contacts in JWN had informed him that the paint works and renovation were not in harmony with the surroundings, he said, and was a "disaster" for a heritage site.

"They are disappointed that efforts to get the temple listed as a heritage site might have been in vain, as the paint job could lead to the temple being delisted,'' he said.

Mr Gunaraj said he had read that when a heritage site fails to correspond to its "outstanding heritage" value, it could be removed from the National Heritage list.

International Council on Monuments and Sites (Icomos) Malaysia committee member Rosli Mohd Ali said: "It (renovations at Batu Caves) has been going for a long time now, but whatever they do, they must get consent from JWN.

"The temple committee cannot expect the temple to be on the heritage list and yet do whatever they like,'' he added.

Mr Rosli, who is also an architect, cited the historic monuments of ancient Nara, which is a Unesco heritage site in Japan, as an example.

"It included a group of Buddhist temples which had great cultural and heritage significance.

"When the government restored some of the sites which were deteriorating, it was done following stringent guidelines to ensure the integrity of the site was intact with an adequate buffer zone," he explained.

When contacted, Tan Sri Nadarajah said they had the necessary approvals to proceed with the renovations.

"The paint job does not require any approval. For the renovation, we had approval from Selayang Municipal Council (MPS).

"Since we are not constructing any new building, we did not need to seek approval from JWN,'' he said.

However, MPS corporate affairs deputy director Ahmad Fauzi Ishak said there was no record of any approval given for any works in Batu Caves in a long time.

"In fact, we are still waiting for the documents and corresponding technical reports required to legalise the structures and buildings in and around Batu Caves, which has been going on for the last five years," he said.

Mr Nadarajah said the renovation works on the Batu Caves ground began early last year.

"In preparation for the consecration ceremony on Aug 31, all 13 temples in Batu Caves underwent renovations, and this included new entrance towers, new tiles, paint and sculptures, among others.

"Experienced temple builders from India were commissioned for much of the renovation works. The temple now looks a lot like those in India, or even better.

"We have spent RM6.1 million (S$2 million) so far, but the actual cost will be revealed on the consecration day," he said, adding that the sum was from donations.

Mr Nadarajah said the idea for the steps' colour scheme was mooted by his son Datuk N. Sivakumar, who also sits in the committee.

He added that the colourful steps would attract more tourists to visit the site and the renovations would give devotees a more comfortable place to pray.

Mr Nadarajah's claims, however, have raised concerns, as MPS is still in the process of legalising many of the structures in Batu Caves which were built without going through standard approval processes.

It was also learnt that JWN's enforcement team have been visiting the site regularly since Sri Subramaniar Swamy Temple was listed as a heritage site, for monitoring purposes under Section 39 of the Act, and the temple management were repeatedly reminded to get JWN's consent for any works carried out at the site.

The temple, also known as the cave temple, is one of 30 caves open to the public.

The cave temple has a 100m vaulted ceiling, and right above the cave is an opening where one can see the sky.

The stairway is divided into sets of 17 steps by landings, and a 272-flight of steps lead up to the temple.

Previously, StarMetro reported that Batu Caves could not qualify for the Unesco World Heritage List, as its current building was not in harmony with its surroundings.

Meanwhile, the JWN source said they were looking into the matter to get an explanation from the temple management to see what kind of action would be taken.

Khamis, 30 Ogos 2018 15:37

Steps of trouble for temple committee

Steps of trouble for temple committee


By Bavani M.

Thursday, 30 Aug 2018


PETALING JAYA: The newly painted steps of Batu Caves may be an Instagram favourite but they have landed the temple committee in trouble with the heritage authorities.

The National Heritage Department will be issuing a warning letter to the Batu Caves Sri Mahamariamman Temple Devasthanam committee for violating regulations over Section 40 of the National Heritage Act 2005.

Deputy Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister Muhammad Bakhtiar Wan Chik told The Star that it has also been asked to prepare a report for further action.

“I am very disappointed with the building management (Tan Sri R. Nadarajah), especially when the department’s officers informed me that they had met his son Datuk N. Sivakumar a few times, advising him that any renovation or painting job within 200m of the heritage site requires written permission from the department.

“He was aware that any building registered under the heritage registry must comply with the regulations under the Act,” Muhammad Bakhtiar said.

“In fact, even before the application is submitted to the Selayang Municipal Council (MPS), they need to get the green light from the department first,” he added.

Asked if the temple would be de-listed from the heritage registry should its management continue to flout regulations, Muhammad Bakhtiar said: “We cannot simply do that, considering the amount of time and effort spent getting the temple registered as a national heritage site in the first place.”

“But they must respect the rules and follow accordingly. In fact, I hope this message goes out to all building owners whose buildings are registered as national heritage – to not simply carry out renovation or painting jobs without first getting consent from the heritage commissioner,” he added.

Muhammad Bakhtiar said Section 40 of the Act was very clear that any renovation involving painting jobs at heritage sites had specific guidelines to follow.

“For the Batu Caves Temple, the main staircase leading up to the cave temple is within the Batu Caves reserve and bordering Lot 1197, 4557 and 6020 which have been designated as national heritage sites and require permission from the department for any upgrading work,” he said.

“I was told that the commissioner (heritage) was not consulted and a team was sent to check on the work recently. I was informed that the painting (job) has disturbed the harmony, integrity and originality of Batu Caves,” he added.

Yesterday, Star Metro had reported that the multi-million ringgit beautification job could land the temple management in trouble as the works were not sanctioned by the department.

This is because the Sri Subramaniar Swamy Temple located on the top of the staircase is a national heritage site listed under the national heritage registry.

Nadarajah claimed that they had the necessary approvals to proceed with the renovations, including those from MPS, which the council had however denied giving.

The temple management painted the staircase five days ago in preparation for the consecration ceremony tomorrow.

All 13 temples in Batu Caves underwent renovations at a cost of RM6.1mil.


Rabu, 29 Ogos 2018 15:29

Misstep in Batu Caves

Paint job on staircase in viral photos may be illegal

This is because the Sri Subramaniar Swamy Temple located on the top of the staircase is a National Heritage site listed under the National Heritage Registry.

Any application for development must go through the heritage department.

Rabu, 29 Ogos 2018 15:25

Misstep in Batu Caves

Rabu, 29 Ogos 2018 10:19

GO: Mega Drum Fest

GO: Mega drum fest


By PEGGY LOH - August 16, 2018 @ 7:00am


Drumming fans can look forward to two mega showcases — the National Championship and the International Show — during the 5th International Festival of 24 Festive Drums 2018, writes Peggy Loh THE rhythm of the 24 Festive Drums fills the forecourt of the Johor Gu Miao or Old Temple, much like how it did 30 years ago on this day when the drums were first performed here on June 12, 1998 for the opening ceremony of the 9th National Chinese Dance Festival.

Rabu, 29 Ogos 2018 10:07

Treasure trove of antiques

Treasure trove of antiques


MELAKA: The Yong Chuan Tian Temple at Jalan Parameswara here that is well known for its majestic Wangkang barge processions is also associated with priceless religious antiquities.

About 200 priceless artefacts which date back to the early 1900s, namely embroidered items and urns are now being restored by National Yunlin University of Science and Technology from Taiwan.

Isnin, 27 Ogos 2018 10:58

Cari penyelesaian terbaik

Cari penyelesaian terbaik


15 OGOS 2018

Mukhriz (kiri) berbincang sesuatu bersama Exco, Ooi Tze Min sebelum persidangan Dun bermula.

ALOR SETAR - Kerajaan negeri akan terus mengadakan perbincangan bersama Yayasan Islam Kedah Holdings Sdn Bhd (Yiked) dan penduduk bagi mencapai penyelesaian terbaik berhubung projek kuari batu kapur di Gunung Pulai, Baling, yang mendapat bantahan penduduk.

Menteri Besar, Datuk Seri Mukhriz Tun Mahathir berkata, pihaknya akan berusaha agar dapat mencari penyelesaian berbentuk menang-menang di antara pihak terlibat.

Masjid lama serlahkan unsur tradisional di kawasan moden


18 OGOS 2018

Azim (kiri) semasa penyerahan simbolik Masjid KampungTeluk Memali kepada Mohd Haidi sambil diperhatikan Timbalan Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Masjid Teluk Memali - Seri Bougainvillea, Jamil Muhamed (tengah), kelmarin.

IPOH - Masjid Kampung Teluk Memali yang berusia 108 tahun yang berjaya disiapkan sepenuhnya September lalu diserahkan kepada Majlis Agama Islam dan Adat Melayu Perak, kelmarin.

Pemindahan masjid dari Kampung Gajah ke Taman Seri Bougainvillea, Bandar Seri Botani di sini, masih mengekalkan bentuk asal seperti rumah tradisional Melayu sekitar 1414.