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 In Peninsular Malaysia, the usage of metal in daily life started since ancient times. The usage of tools made from carved metals is still going until today. Malay people also produced a lot of various tools that is made from metals.


This industry is abundant in the town of Kuala Terengganu, that is in Ladang Village and Tanjung. It is made in small scale. Usually this copper production workshop is under the house of the entrepreneur themselves that have high stilts. This handcraft making engaged up to 90% hand making and only using small equipment during the cleaning process.


Usually, the copper handicraft can be divided to several categories namely used traditional ceremony or custom event, decoration purposes and souvenirs and also household items.



`Labu Sayong’ is a part of the art of pottery craft. It is made by clay that has been baked or dried. Ususally it is used as a container to keep water, food including pickled food such as `pekasam’, `budu’, `tapai’ and so on.  In fact, it is said that by using this equipment in cooking or serving food will produce tastier food. While drinking water that used `Labu Sayong’ will make it fresher and have certain benefits.

 `Labu Sayong’ got its name from its shape that resembles water pumpkin, while `sayong’ is the place where this pottery is produced heavily, in Sayong Village, Kuala Kangsar, Perak. Pottery known as ` Labu Sayong’, it is produced in a lot of shapes such as `labu leper’, `labu bocong’, `labu tela’, `labu pucung’ and `labu panai’. 



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