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 A scooping technique using bamboo sticks or nibung blades using warp thread on the loom surface or kei. `Songket’ is a cloth that is usually weaved by hand, and have complex patterns and made from gold or silver threads. The word `songket’ also means bring out or pulling put threads from the cloth or weaving using gold or silver treads. This process is used after preparing `rust button’ thread to make gold or silver patterns or `terekam’

 The making of `songket’ is believed to be inspired from the process of cloth making from Indian merchants that use `tying’ techniques. This technique is difficult and need the expertise and high diligency. They had brought in raw materials such as gold threads, silver, silk and woven clothes

 `Songket’ has a high historical value as a supreme heritage fabric. Other than raising the status of the wearer, the motifs and color of the woven `songket’ also symbolizes the wearer’s position.


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