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 Fine arts are a building, making or object producing process through creativity and high refinement workmanship. It is also said that it is one of the production of fine arts in the form of drawing, painting, printing and sculpture. Fine arts have color the life of Malaysia society. It is inherited by teaching from our older generation that are rich with national fine art knowledge.

 Among the arts that are closely related to society are house and mosque architecture, making of everyday clothes, making of pottery and ceramics, making of `batik’, wood carving, woven mats, woven `songket’, garment-making, gold and silver embroidery, batik, pua kumbu, destar and woven cloth, beads, making of copper, `labu sayung’, accessories and many other fine arts. The fine arts motifs are more concentrated on the nature influence such as flora and fauna. The results of the fine arts display the height and expertise of the maker that can produce refine and priceless traditional workmanship.

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