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Art theater is one of the branches of the performing arts that use a combination of casting ( dialog speech , gestures , facial expressions , emotions ) , music , dance , the sounds , the ritual , lighting , sets, props , costumes , makeup and the admiration stage , It may have any one or more elements of the craft in excess of the other branches of the performing arts such as music and dance . Theatre is not just for entertainment, but it also serves as a medium for education , distribution equipment and so on . Theatrical genre divided into several denominations such as the theater of the absurd , traditional , ancient , theater , modern, Monodrama , and musicals 



Type: Theatre Arts

Performing arts : Jikey

Jikey a traditional Malay theater art form that has been around since the 1950s in northern peninsular Malaysia, Langkawi, Kedah and Perlis. Traditional theater also influenced by elements of traditional Malay theater such as Mak Yong, Mek Mulung and Menora. Jikey believed to have started with the singing of remembrance before being turned into a complete presentation named Jikey. The traditional elements of theater include acting through improvisation and comedy dialogue, music, singing and dance movement.

Jikey performances are usually held in the evening and if the story is quite long it can last up to three nights. Performing Jikey not lonely with improvisation during the dialogue, physical acting, singing and dancing. The curtains are used in each performance Jikey. In its heyday, there are three (3) different color curtain. The colors red as exciters offerings. Black symbolizes the night and the white curtains serve as the royal palace and so on.

type                  :Seni Teater

Performing arts        :MEK MULUNG

MEK Mulung is a traditional theater debut in the state of Kedah. Mek Mulung is a performing art that combines elements of acting, dance and music. It is a traditional Malay theater that is still actively involved in Kampung Wang Tepus, Kedah.

Mek Mulung executed during the Games or wedding ceremonies and also as a ritual to remember the spirit of the ancestors. Performing arts is played by characters like a king, queen, female dancers, musicians and role. This performance groups consisting of 12 to 20 players and musicians. Besides inserting elements of magic, myth, history, origin and so on, the show is also more understandable to appreciate the story. Peran is an important role in Mek Mulung. Attitudes and jokes of Peran are the attraction. Normally, the show began with a ritual "open stage" with burning incense and reciting mantras to persuade and adore the spirit Mek Mulung other players also seek blessings for the audience. At the end of the presentation, held a brief dance and shaman chants will award as a sign of gratitude to all the spirit of the success of the event.

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