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Music is a branch of art that contain sounds that have been prepared either by voice ( vocal ) , nature or the environment and equipment that intentionally produced by man to produce a rhythmic sound through it . Good music can give an idea of thought, emotion and sometimes the cultural environment of the creators of the music. Music in the sense of performing arts is a direct presentation ( continued ) served creatively presented to the audience either solo or in groups. There are different genres of music in Malaysia as original music , pop yeh - yeh , rhythm Malaysia , ethnic , nasyid , jazz , rock , pop , and so on . Music nobat is still considered as belonging to the castle and only played for ceremonies palace only.





Jenis                    :Seni Muzik

Seni Persembahan         :NOBAT

Nobat is a form of traditional music groups that still passed through generations until now . It comes from the Persian and expanded to Muslim countries such as Spain , North Africa , India and the Malay world .

According to the Malay history , King Bentan is the first king of the castle , which played Nobat . King Bentan sailed to the Middle East and bring back an orchestra consisting of three large drums and a trumpet long known as Nobat. Nobat is musical instrument belongs to the kings of the Malay world . This is where the Nobat music started and the castle has made it a symbol of the greatness and glory of music palace.

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