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Dance is the rhythmic movement of body weight in a particular place and time for the purposes of the association, expressing feelings , intentions , and thoughts. Music or the sounds that accompanied the dances reinforce the intention to be conveyed by a dancer or choreographer of the dance. Dance moves is different from everyday movements such as running , walking, dancing or exercising because they are usually aimed convey or express something through gestures embroidered dancers emotion . Dance can be divided to some traditional genres such as folk dances, creating new, modern , contemporary and one when first there is a dance that is devoted to the palace like dancing gamelan group . Dances were also presented in the form of storytelling called dramatari.






Jenis                    :Seni Tarian

Seni Persembahan         :TARIAN PIRING

Piring Dance or Piriang dance is a dance art originally brought by the Minangkabau people who came from the area of Bukit Tinggi, West Sumatra, Indonesia. He is one of the dance art is still practiced by the Minangkabau people of Negeri Sembilan in fact he had been accepted as a cultural practice Minang and Melayu Negeri Sembilan.

This dance had a movement that resembles the movement of farmers during the planting, making harvest work and so on. This dance is also symbolize a feeling of joy and gratitude with their crops. This dance is a jig with the dancers holding the tread plate in their hands, accompanied by a song played by caklempong and saluang. To add aesthetic elements, magic and surprises in this dance, male and female dancers will trample broken plates without fear nor injuries. The audience will feel horrified and amazed when the glass broke and sharp it is stepped while performing dance moves.


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