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 Proverb is a form of figurative language that Malay people used to show the wealth of their cultural heritage wordings and became the symbolic of Malay intellectual height and culture in communicating. Through proverbs, the meaning or intention in the form of advice, guidance, tips and comments are submitted prudently to someone.  Usually the behavior and characteristic of nature, plants and animals are arranged in beautiful arrangement to be pleasant to hear and to not to offend. It can be translated to one layer or two layers meaning. Proverbs include idioms, parables, proverbs, sayings and linguistic numerals.



The legend of Badger’s Joke is the legend of a badger that has power, strength and intelligence that can solve problems between animals until he is appointed as `Syah Alam in Forest’.


This people literature is detected since long ago and the earliest manuscript is identified in 1645M which is kept in the France Library collection. The folklore has been reported by G.H.Werndly in the Maleische Sparaakkunst registry that is written in Malaya and published in 1736.


In 1885, a scholar named H.C. Klinkert has published 10 serial series telling the story of the badger’s joke including `The badger Reconciled the tiger and the goat’, ‘The Badger Kills the Giant’, `Conquering the Bear’ and `Unwavering Monkey’.



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