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Art of self-defense is a method that exists for someone to defend themselves from enemy attack. It is a traditional fighting method with or without weapons. Art of self-defense has existed since centuries ago. In ancient times it is a practice for everyone especially man to learn and have self-defense. It can be said that almost every country martial arts that grows with local ideas or modified from other country’s martial arts that came into the country and next become the race or community culture. The art of self-defense is divided to several type, from fighting with sharp weapons, blunt weapons like wood and fighting bare hand. There are several type of martial arts in this country. Amongst them are Malay Silat, Silambam, Wushu, Kuntau and so on. Art of self-defense that is always related to a certain community, need to be seen in a bigger context as a base to unify the people in this country. This is because martial arts not only aim to create discipline individuals but to also cultivate nationalism into the practitioners. There are 2 art of self-defense that has been declared as national heritage:

  1. Malay Silat
  2. Silambam

Details                        :    Indian Art of Self-Defense

 Type                           :   Silambam

Silambam is an art of self-defense that originated from India country. It is believed to begin in the last 5,000 years ago in India. It uses canes that is made out of bamboo cane to defend themselves from wild animals.



Details                         :     Art of Self-Defense

 Type                               :   Malay Silat

Silat is synonymous with the Malay race. It existed since ancient times. It is estimated that this martial art is hundred years old and had been passed down from generation to generation.  The practitioners of this martial art are from Brunei, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. Silat is different with other martial arts since silat is a self-defense art that belongs to Malay people and it is not only a martial art but also in a bigger context, it contains the custom and culture of Malay people and Islamic traits is ingrained in it. Amongst old Malay weapons that are always used in silat are `keris’, `badik’, `kerambit’, machete, swords, `lading’, `tumbuk lada’, tekpi, cane, `tembong’ and `sundang’. Silat is divided into three basically that is `silat pulut’ where it is usually presented during formal events and ceremonies such as weddings, while silat from `buah pukul’ type or battle moves or mostly hidden from plain view to prevent the art, the trick of it and other reasons. Nowadays silat has been broken down into many genres such as the `Silat Gayung’ (`Gayung Laksamana’, `Gayung Laksamana Pahang’ and many more). In Malaysia only there are almost 500 silat teachings that have been detected.

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