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 Malay people are rich with their traditional custom that is still existing; protected, preserved and even still being practiced as a heritage that is still fresh and blooming.  This traditional game can be divided into two types that is Porch Games and Lawn Games.

 Porch games are easy to play and usually played on the house porch only with limited movements. For example: `batu seremban’, congkak, checkers and so on. While lawn games consist of games that need large space, active and agile movements such as `galah panjang’, `sepak raga’, kabbadi and many more.

 In related to that, traditional games can be seen as to make 1Malaysia concept based on art form and has their own touch such as bridging the gap between community as a reality. Other than that, traditional game can also create people that can protect adapt local culture.



Type                          :    Lawn Game

 Object Heritage         :   RAMPANAU

Rampanau is one of the popular folk’s sport among the Dusun Community especially in Tambunan, Keningau, Ranau and few other districts in Sabah. Rampanau or walking on stilts is also a method to cross the river or drain or walking on muddy ground long ago


Type                          :    Lawn Game

 Object Heritage         :   FINDING GRAND CHILDREN

Finding Grandchildren is a lawn game. In this game, two specific songs are sung. One handkerchief or cloth are used to blindfold the eyes and a stick used as a cane is needed. Before the game begin, one of the player have to become the `grandma’. To decide who become the `grandma’, votes are cast. Whoever lose in the vote, the person’s eyes will be blindfolded to become the `granny’. A cane is given to hold and act as a blind old lady. Other players will form a circle around `granny’ holding hands with each other. A song will be sung by the grandkids together.


Type                          :    Lawn Game

Object Heritage         :   `UPIH’ PULLING

`Upih’ pulling is a lawn game. Betel sheath is the frond or leaf base of betel tree. Usually when the frond becomes old, it will drop or fall down to the ground.  Betel leaves from the frond will be removed and become the handle or the hold to pull the frond. This game is played by two people or more depending on the size of the frond. One person will become the puller and the other will sit on the frond. This game can become a contest. Usually the older or bigger person will become the puller while the smaller person will sit on it.

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