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Rumah Penghulu Abdul Ghani bin Abdul Majid in Merlimau, Jasin, Melaka Malacca is among the oldest house still stands and is one of the most beautiful Malay Traditional house in the country. It has a very unique architecture combined with the architectural style of Malay, Chinese and European. The scale of this house is much larger than the usual size of Melaka. The house was inhabited by a community leader who assumed the position of Chairman of demat or Headman, Penghulu Abdul Ghani bin Abdul Majid and his son PenghuluNatar bin Abdul Ghani. All equipment European style furniture such as desks, wardrobes, chairs and beds that prevail in this house different from traditional Malay way as always just sitting cross-legged.

The house has two components connected to a single house. House Melaka Roof of house pole length Sixteen located on the back is the official residence of the prince. While Johor RumahLimas contiguous to an open porch to the house Melaka concerned. Here Penghulu Ghani held a meeting with residents of the village where a long bench built in the Victorian style porch to sit along side the meeting. The house is inspired by Penghulu Abdul Ghani himself and built by some Chinese hair. Therefore it is not surprising there are Chinese motifs decorate the walls, doors, windows and gates of this house. Visitors are greeted by a stone staircase Melaka very elegantly decorated with multi-colored pavement tiles imported. It is flanked by two water tanks and columns decorated with a pineapple as a symbol of prosperity in the left and right of the stairs. There is a unique pair of doors with decorative two dragons fight is between a verandah with a porch. In addition, floral motifs and birds in the head doors, windows and couches that are rare in native Malay houses highlight the craftsmanship of Chinese Peranakan style built remains at Home Moms.

Back home and the home kitchen is separated from the mother house with a courtyard (courtyard). It has two entrances on the sides and back with a covered critical Dutch Chinese design. In the 'courtyard' there is also a large water tank to wash cloth and a bathroom with no roof also has a large water tank. House porch roof, Back Home Home Moms and built of zinc roofing material that is exclusive of the time. While the roof of the house is the kitchen tiles India. The entire building is painted with motifs in different colors. This is due to the influence of Chinese architecture traditional Malay houses typically retain color without painted wood.

To save the treasures of this invaluable , National Heritage Department has been carrying out repair works on the entire building, including overhaul and strengthen the structure of walls and concrete columns were damaged , scraping and repainting , dismantling and installing ceramic tile , demolishing the wall additional , improving frame structure and roof finishes and other related work such as repairing couches, wall cabinets , stove , kitchen cabinets , wash basin and toilet as well as a variety of motifs carved pillars . We hope this effort can continue the legacy of our ancestors to the next generation .


Keunikan Senibina & Elemen Bangunan

Tiang Seri dan Pelamin gaya Peranakan Cina yang terletak di bahagian Rumah Ibu. Tiang di verandah dihiasi jubin pelbagai corak. Ukiran hiasan dua ekor naga serta motif flora dan burung pada pintu pagar Peranakan di verandah.
‘Jeriji pagar musang’ di bahagian anjung. Motif ukiran hiasan pelbagai warna serta tingkap ram kayu boleh laras terdapat di serambi.


Antara Kerja-kerja Baikpulih Yang Dilaksanakan

(a) Kerja-kerja mengikis cat dan memasang semula kepingan tingkap. (c) Kerja-kerja menyimen lantai dan membaikpulih kolah air yang retak. (e) Kerja-kerja menanggal dan menurunkan genting bumbung untuk pembersihan.
(b) Selepas baikpulih (d) Selepas baikpulih (f) Selepas baikpulih
(a) & (b): Bahagian Serambi. (c) & (d): Bahagian ‘Courtyard’. (e) & (f): Bumbung Rumah Dapur.
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