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Double storey "bungalow" house with interesting architecture is situated on a plot of land of 1608 square meters dealing with historic buildings National School Sri Tanjung. The house was once the residence of several generations was built around 1893 and known as the home of "The Bunga" because of its color. House style 'Sino-Malay' pyramid roof house combines Malay with Chinese characteristics and Europe resembled Syed Al-Attas house in Lebuh Armenian, Penang. This stone house V-shaped roof tiles India In 'pediment' front facade of the house is the symbol of the moon and stars as the original inhabitants are Muslims and enlivened with floral motifs that accentuate its uniqueness.

The house is divided into blocks of the main house, connector block, kitchen block and garage block. The main house contains a block off the porch, living room, four bedrooms, living room and porch above. Similarly, in the kitchen block is divided into a kitchen, bathroom, toilet, store room and open space. While block garage adjoining the main house block also houses residential taxi, parking and two horse stables. However, this space is left blank and parking spaces horse is used as a car park residents.

The original owner was Mr. Abdul Wahab, “a Jawi Peranakan Penang”. This merchant family lived here for a short period only. In the early 1900s, the house was purchased by Mr. Tan Chong Keat. The family lived in the house for several generations and at one time it was occupied by three to four families. In 2008, the house was placed under Amanah Raya Berhad as Trustee property.

The Penang Malay Association (WINNER) has submitted a proposal to the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage (KEKKWA) at the time that the house is used as gallery Penang Malays. The ministry had bought this house on the owner's consent and conservation work by the National Heritage Department has begun in 2008.

Although these home owners have come and gone and have been inhabited by several generations, but the whole fabric and character of this house remains unaffected. Cooperation from the owner's home late in providing the information has helped conservation work. Conservation work carried out at the premises of the work includes repairing, replacing damaged structures and elements with the same material as the original terms of materials, sizes and colors. In addition there are also new works such as construction and landscaping guard in front of the house to highlight the originality and beauty of the architecture.


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Jubin lantai Blok Utama yang masih elok dan dikekalkan Kesisi pada tingkap labuh di tingkat atas Antara rekabentuk jejala dan kekisi udara


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