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Semasa Konservasi Selepas Konservasi

Perak Museum is the oldest museum institution in the country. The building has been built through the efforts Resident of Perak, Sir Hugh Low. The museum building was built in stages. There are three blocks namely Block A (main blocks) facing Jalan Taming Sari, while Block B and Block C overlooking Jalan Museum. Block A building was constructed in 1883 and only came into use in 1886. The impact of the proliferation of Perak Museum building construction stages have been made in such form shaped building 'L'.

The architecture of the building was influenced by the neo-classical elements symmetrically shaped as usual buildings in Europe. Preference is focused on the looks front of the building which has a porch. Balancing on each side of the vertical and horizontal is emphasized. Features architectural facade of the museum also borrowed architectural elements of classical Greek and Roman times such as the pediment, entablature and the motif of the pillars.

Conservation work on the museum building has been implemented in stages. Three phases have been implemented so that visitors can still visit the museum although conservation work being carried out project which began in December 2007 took the time period of 14 months to complete.

The main work is the conservation of the museum building scrape and paint the entire wall structure and demolish the old toilet to maintain the building's original appearance. New toilets were built contrary to Block C. The use of air conditioners for centralize the Block A and Block B, Block C while using a split type air conditioning unit. Other works were repairing the damaged building pillar in Block A and B. Opening windows panels previously closed to prevent the entry of light into the building. Refurbishment of the laboratory at the back of Block A. The original roof has been converted into a museum of corrugated metal sheets to prevent leaks in the long run. Cabinets located in Block B and C were repaired in-situ due to the difficulty to open and put it back. All the artifacts and collections were removed during the conservation work carried out and recorded in the cabin prepared temporary collections and artifacts are not removed was covered with boxes throughout the period. Final work is the beautification of the landscape around the museum building.


Pelan tapak Muzium Perak, Taiping



Kerja-kerja baik pulih struktur tingkap dan tingkap telah dilakukan dengan kemas. Kerja-kerja baik pulih fasad bangunan Blok A sedang dijalankan.
Bumbung asal bangunan yang telah ditukar kepada metal corrugated sheet. Kerja-kerja kemasan Blok B yang telah dijalankan dengan sempurna tanpa memindahkan rak-rak pameran koleksi dan artifak.
Kerja-kerja kemasan bahagian dalam Blok A yang telah dibuat dengan baik. Pengindahan landskap kawasan muzium yang telah dilaksanakan dengan baik.


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