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Keadaan bangunan sebelum kerja bermula pandangan dari arah hadapan Keadaan bangunan semasa kerja dijalankan pandangan dari arah hadapan Keadaan bangunan selepas kerja selesai dijalankan pandangan dari arah hadapan

This old mosque building was not originally built as a mosque but is building a Throne Room is used for women 'King of Kings. Kings is a title to MrZainalAbidin who was a son of Sultan Muhammad III and brother of Sultan Muhammad IV. This building is the original position in the village of Kota Bharu located near Istana Jahar and Istana BalaiBesar. But in 1958, it was bought by the residents of KampungKedaiMulong RM 1000 and moved to KampungKedaiMulong to be used as a prayer to this day. Floor and roof structure has been cut in half to facilitate transfer to KampungKedaiMulong. Throne Room are then reassembled in a joint effort with the addition of the mihrab room and porch. Some new additions are carried out from time to time until it looks like a real change. But the results of the visit by Dato 'Commissioner of Heritage in 2007 and after seeing how beautiful crafts of Malay that can be displayed to the public today, and also in terms of its history, which is part of the palace of the Royal Kelantan, National Heritage Department, took the initiative to carry out conservation work on the building. Conservation work was initiated in late 2008 and was completed in early 2009. Given the many changes and new construction is less suitable to be staggered over this building, conservation implemented to restore the overall appearance of the original. The initial process is to scrape and repaint the pole, inner and outer walls, ornate panel widow, a net-like motif and change to brick asbestos roof tiles type Singgora Thailand. Some new work was also carried out of the front facade, roof and ridge board pemeleh concrete form of 'ducks' unspecified again with a new design based on the architecture of the Royal Kelantan. During the work of scraping the old paint on the top panel or the original walls decorated widow Throne Room, workers found the mural painting ornate gold florets. These flower motifs maintained that history is not lost Throne Room. Three pillars supporting the new and changed using six pillars added to strengthen the structure. The building is also shifted forward as far as six meters long and three meters to the right by using the chain-lock the base out of the lot donated land. The legs are pillars of the mosque was lined with iron rods and pipes to move with the utmost caution. The building is also removed and placed on a concrete pillar liner to maintain the integrity of wooden pillars supporting the building from being damaged. Among the other works of this building is the perfect place to build on the right side and the left side of the toilet at the mosque , the work of fencing the area and beautify the landscape sehaingga looks different from the previous situation . Now after eight months undergoing overhaul KedaiMulong Old Mosque appeared with beautiful faces his past and re- opened to prosper by visitors. The highlight of the legacy of the mosque it was inaugurated by the Minister of Information , Communications and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Utama Dr. RaisYatim on July 5, 2009 .


Lukisan mural berkerawang air emas yang ditemui pada buah buton Buah buton yang dipasang pada alang kerangka bumbung Kerja-kerja mengikis dan merawat panel kerawang jejala sedang dilaksanakan
Keadaan panel kerawang jejala setelah kerja merawat siap dijalankan Lukisan mural air emas berkerawang emas ditemui pada dinding panel janda berhias yang sewaktu kerja-kerja mengikis cat Kayu-kayu yang rosak telah dikenal pasti dan ditanda untuk diganti baru
Kerja memotong dan menggantikan kayu yang rosak sedang dilakukan Kerja-kerja peralihan bangunan dijalankan menggunakan khidmat tenaga manusia Kerja-kerja peralihan bangunan menggunakan chain-lock yang ditarik oleh pekerja
Kerja-kerja mengankat bangunan sedang dijalankan Kerja-kerja meletakkan pelapik konkrit di bawah tiang penyokong bangunan Kelihatan sebahagian atap genting senggora yang siap dipasang
Kerja-kerja memasang papan pemeleh pada struktur bumbung Ruang berwuduk didirikan di bahagian kanan bangunan untuk kegunaan jemaah lelaki Tandas bagi kegunaan jemaah lelaki didirikan di bahagian kiri manakala untuk jemaah wanita di dalam bahagian berpagar.
Kelihatan anjung yang di reka bentuk baru didirikan setentang dengan dengan lanskap kecil yang menarik
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