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Keadaan masjid setelah dikosongkan pada tahun 1976. Sebelum kerja-kerja konservasi, tahun 2006. Selepas kerja-kerja konservasi, tahun 2009.

Ihsaniah Iskandariah mosque at Kampung Kuala Dal, Padang Rengas about 4.8 kilometers from the Royal Town of Kuala Kangsar and only 2 km from the toll plaza Plus sign to Kuala Kangsar. The uniqueness of this mosque can be seen in the construction design that resembles like a bird cage. The uniqueness of this two-story mosque is the walls are made of woven bamboo oil called "wall side / tepus" refinement of the fungal liquid hand woven patterned effect 'arabesque' on the walls evoke the aesthetics of the building is the main attraction to anyone who looks. Work on the side wall weaving is done by some local people including the National Noh, NgahGadoh, Wan Ngah Ibrahim and Kulop. There are 20 windows decorated with carved leaves two "punch directly, not martial arts" patterned beans, crescent and star. The roof of the mosque is also very unique because it does not have to cause a screen stocking looks like a flat roof that is not affected by the roof Palace Memories 'plane' highly significant gradient.

Ihsaniah Iskandariah mosque was built in 1936. Its construction was financed by Al-MarhumPaduka Seri Sultan Iskandar Shah, the Sultan of Perak's 30th birthday. Opening plaques obtained board at the mosque recorded the opening ceremony was held on Friday 10 Muharram in the year 1356H corresponding 11 February 1938. It was built after the Sultan of discharging a vow to build a mosque when one of his son recovers from illness. His Majesty's intention arises when the local community who perform the prayer in the mosque in the village after returning from a picnic at LataBubu. Hence, the Sultan vowed to contribute a sum of RM 8,000.00 to build a new mosque on land grant endowment Skipper Abdul Shukur bin Mohamad Ali. Construction of the mosque was built by Chinese craftsmen and assisted by local residents on a gotong-royong. The architecture of this mosque is said to have come from his own inspired heavily influenced architectural features Istana Kenangan in Bukit Chandan, Kuala Kangsar. Ornament and side walls of the mosque are also carved and woven by local residents. The mosque was not used in 1976, after a new mosque known as Masjid Al-Wahidiah built.

On the importance of historical buildings and unique architecture , the National Heritage Department has been carrying out conservation work in December 2008. Among the problems facing the project is the preparation of the side wall because of the absence of skilled artisans make wicker and bamboo shortages of oil production local to create a wall fungal liquid . The Department of National Heritage has gained making wicker and bamboo resources of Perlis according to the original. Conservation work has been carried out using a systematic work procedures to maintain the authenticity of the original architecture.
Original condition fungal liquid wall made of local bamboo oil before conservation work is carried out . The work of carving in openwork windows with small chisels . Openwork floral maxi head window .

Inauguration plaque on which is written the date of opening of the Masjid Kampung Kuala Dal . Minaret which was refurbished . View window, filigree and fungal liquid which was refurbished


Keunikan Masjid Lama Kampung Kuala Dal

Keadaan asal dinding kelarai yang diperbuat daripada buluh minyak tempatan sebelum kerja-kerja konservasi dilaksanakan. Kerja-kerja mengukir pada kerawang tingkap dengan menggunakan pahat kecil. Kerawang kepala tingkap labuh bermotif flora.
Plak perasmian yang bertulis tarikh perasmian Masjid Lama Kampung Kuala Dal. Minaret yang telah siap dibaik pulih. Pandangan tingkap, kerawang dan kelarai yang telah siap dibaik pulih..



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