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Beginilah keadaan Istana Bandar sekitar tahun 1986 setelah ditinggalkan kosong Astaka yang dibina kecil di atas bumbung dengan dihiasi dengan ukiran papan cantik dan tunjuk langit Keadaan Istana Bandar kini setelah kerja-kerja baikpulih siap dilaksanakan

From a distance it looks great range, high and large, clearly shows this is not a common mansion but a palace. City Palace is an imposing palace complex in the city that was the center of early administration of Selangor state government. Building with 40 rooms, is also known by the name of Alaeddin Palace, built in 1899 during the reign of the late Sir AlaeddinSulaiman Shah (Sultan of Selangor to 5). The palace was used as the residence of the sultan with his consort HajjahSafiah. He stayed at the palace for about 35 years until he died in 1938. The castle is also the Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Ibni Sultan HishamuddinAlam Shah, Sultan of the seven ruling Selangor DarulEhsan was crowned in 1926. After independence, the Palace the city was abandoned due to the administrative center moved to Kuala Lumpur. The building later became the Regional Handicraft Centre and Tahfiz Institution for several years.

Almost the entire structure of the building is made of bricks and mortar of lime and stairs and doors made of wood chengal. The entire top floor is a wooden floor while the ground floor was concrete floor. Genting roof tiles India profile type 'V' which are arranged in layers. There pinnacles / spike jeweled located at the top of the tower as decoration in the Sultan Abdul Samad building in Kuala Lumpur. Its structure also vary in height because it is said to reflect the hierarchical structure of the palace administration. In addition, there is a small building in the middle of the roof called the show pavilions decorated beautiful sky and boards in roof cornices complete the construction of the Malay palace. Openwork carving and cross perforation is between exciters demonstrate precision and artistry of skilled artisans prior to ventilation. The palace building was built together with skilled Chinese artisans who apply elements of sculpture and decorative arts of China. Besides building construction palace has attractive landscaping and pools are located in the front of the palace.

Building conservation project was implemented in December 2008 until mid-2009 by the National Heritage Department after conducting a preliminary study in 2007 and found that the building should be repaired and restored for the sake of history and heritage for future generations . Among the works undertaken include repair works of the roof structure and roof and Plamen - building elements made of organic materials such as wood and board . Moisture problems are also treated using the technique of cocoons and chemical injection . The work of scraping , treating and repaint the walls , floor and ceiling are also implemented in the entire building . Replacement and maintenance work roof tiles India also implemented gradually. New works only involve landscaping work including building walkways , planted grass and built a paved parking area for visitors' vehicles .


Sewaktu kajian awalan dijalankan pada 2007, banyak elemen bangunan telah mengalami kerosakkan antaranya pintu dan tingkap. Keadaan ini telah diatasi dengan menggantikan tingkap kayu yang baru dengan menggunakan bahan yang sama Beginilah keadaan tingkap yang telah diganti dan dibaik pulih serta di cat
Beginilah keadaan lantai papan setelah lapisan permaidani dibuka sewaktu kerja-kerja baikpulih sedang dilakukan. Ruang ini asalnya adalah Balairong Seri Lantai papan yang telah dibaiki disapu dengan lapisan syelek dan tidak ditutupi dengan permaidani kerana ia boleh merosakan papan lantai. Mengikut kajian permaidani dipasang sewaktu bangunan ini dijadikan Maahad Tahfiz


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