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Sebelum kerja-kerja baik pulih dilaksanakan, tahun 2006. Pandangan dari sudut sebelah kiri bahagian hadapan semasa kerja-kerja baik pulih sedang dilaksanakan. Selepas kerja-kerja baik pulih dilaksanakan, tahun 2008.

Sanitary Board Building is located at Lot 105,Jalan Station near downtown Taiping, Perak DarulRidzuan was built in 1892. The building is located near the rail first of Peninsular Malaysia which have connected Taiping and Port Weld 8 miles. Among the interesting factor of this building is its location next to the Post Office, built in 1884, the Government Rest House, which was built in 1894 and also your first English school in Malaya, King Edward VII, built in 1883. By the early history destination the construction of this building is to house the Health Board Taiping. In 1950, the building was put Taiping Health Office and District Council Office (Larkin). The building architecture is characterized by the Anglo-Indian (19th century).

In addition, the building was used as an office building Taiping Municipal Council (MPT), which is now used as an exhibition hall and private companies furniture business. Institute of Hygiene (Sanitary Board) is a government agency created during British rule. Therefore, this building is highlighting the characteristics of the British colonial architecture combined with tempatan.Bangunan built two-storey semi-concrete, half board at the lower level while the upper level built entirely with wood. Building space has been extensively modified, especially when it leased out to private companies for the furniture business. Additional space is also heavily built mainly around the bottom of the building. There is an open space that was originally covered with a window or a new wall. In addition there are doors, windows and walls of the original building has been opened or broken down and undetectable residual legacy. The uniqueness of this building led the Taiping Municipal Council to apply the expertise of the National Heritage Department to carry out conservation work to save the building from destruction in the underground flow of the times.



Rekabentuk tingkap yang mempunyai ciri-ciri inggeris. Keadaan verandah di tingkat atas selepas kerja-kerja konservasi siap dilaksankan. Keadaan lanskap hadapan yang telah siap.
Ruang atas ‘porch’ bersambung dengan bangunan induk. Ukiran papan cantik yang terdapat pada bangunan ini berbentuk geometri. Keadaan bangunan ‘Annex’ selepas kerja-kerja konservasi siap sepenuhnya.
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