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The old building HSBC (Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank Corporation) located in Jalan Kota is a British era building built as a bank. It was built around 1912. The building is designed with the same classical style as other buildings HSBC contemporaries. The ground floor is the office of the bank's operations, while the bank manager and staff of foreign nationals living in the upper floors. It is equipped with several large rooms with kitchen, dining room and bathroom for the same. , This situation lasted until the next 40 years. In the 1920s, an additional block (annex) was built in the back left corner of the main building adjoining the dining room upstairs. At the beginning of the construction of this building, it is located on the edge of the estuary of Sungai Melaka but this estuary was reclaimed. A road (Jalan Quayside) and several warehouses were built in this area. The results of excavations by the National Heritage Department, the construction of this building is located on the ruins of a fortress or bastion HendrikFederick, Kota Melaka which was built by the Portuguese in the 16th century. This can be seen from the archaeological excavations carried out in the northern part of the building, where the projection wall, crossed into the building. In 2007, the building was purchased by the National Heritage Department to serve as the National Heritage Department's Office Southern District of Kota Melaka and gallery.

The building is designed on the plan rectangular symmetry. There are two main doors located on either side of the building. All four façade was built with large windows for natural lighting and ventilation system was good because the area is quite spacious building. Level ground floor windows are positioned at a higher position than the road level and fitted with iron bars for security purposes. In contrast to the window at the top of which is spacious and decorated with wooden ram (timber lourves) to create a peaceful atmosphere in a residence.

Behind the facade of this building was constructed openings of the same size with windows on the front facade. Position openings are located on the porch (balcony) and overlooks the mouth of the Melaka busy with merchant ships anchored in situ at the time. Part of that is a lounge (living hall) and a dining room for apartment dwellers. After the 1970s, increasing the bank needs space upstairs apartment had been broken and placed with additional office and bank attorney's office. These modifications have resulted in the modification of the opening in the part where the openings were fitted with shutters that are similar to those found on the windows of the front facade. Two additional wooden staircase was built on top of the bank for connecting the ground floor to the top floor.

Building conservation work includes repairs, maintenance, replacement of damaged elements and structure with the same material as the original both in terms of material, size, color, design, manufacturing engineering and assembly engineering. Among the damage observed in this building is moisture on the walls, the paint peeling, salting on plaster walls, wood structural damage, rendering damage, roof damage, electrical wiring system that is outdated and inadequate drainage system regularly.

In addition there are also the work of re-opening a new structure and new construction to restore the building to its original, like vaults and stairs. In addition to conservation work, there are also new construction and installation as built guardhouses, fences, gates, floor boards, installation of air conditioners, fans and lights.

The work of conservation of the building, which began in January 2009, was completed in August 2010.

Kerja-kerja mengikis lepaan simen dinding luar (Mock-up) lepa dinding Melepa semula dinding luar dengan plaster kapur
Membaiki cornice dinding luar Melupuskan struktur ruang tambahan (bilik kebal) dalam bangunan Melepa semula dinding dalam dengan plaster kapur
Menyapu bahan anti karat pada struktur bumbung dan siling. Lantai papan, lampu dan kipas setelah siap dipasang di aras bawah bangunan. Aras atas bangunan setelah selesai kerja konservasi
Jubin lantai asal yang dikekalkan untuk dipamerkan. Tangga yang dibina oleh bank pada 1960an untuk menghubungkan bank tingkat bawah dengan atas. Tangga ke pintu masuk privisi di bahagian sisi bangunan untuk ke apartment tingkat atas.
Pintu masuk utama berpanel kaca bahagian hadapan kiri dan kanan bangunan. Salah sebuah tingkap ditingkat atas dengan motif flora di bahagian atasnya. Tingkap atas yang bermotifkan corak geometri.
Bangunan HSBC setelah siap kerja-kerja konservasi (2010)


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