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Keadaan Gedung Raja Abdullah sebelum dibaikpulih Bangunan Gedung Raja Abdullah menerapkan ciri-ciri Anglo-Indian Selepas Kerja Konservasi

This building was built in 1856 in the town of Klang as a storage tin and uppers as dwellings. In 1853, King Abdullah bin Raja Jaafar of the younger brother of Raja Jumaat, Lukut was conferred the rank of "Big Man Klang" by Sultan Muhammad Shah and thus he managed to open several tin mines in UluKlang River, now known as Kuala Lumpur. King Abdullah is a representative of the Sultan ordered harvesting and trade in tin ore produced in the Klang Valley.

During the Civil War occurred in Selangor in 1866 in this area, this warehouse was used as a stronghold of followers of Raja Mahadi fortified Kota Raja Mahadi not far from this area (in the compound of the Klang Municipal Council office now). First British Resident J.G Davidson makes this building as the District Administration Office which later became District Police Station until 1970. It was made by the Institute of Museum Timah State Museum. Conservation work by the National Heritage Department, which began in December 2008 was finally completed in July 2009. What is interesting about this building is that it is characterized by the Anglo-Indian architecture of the 19th century with a combination of local architecture. The wooden building is constructed of concrete piled lengthwise and height with cement flooring downstairs and wooden floors upstairs. In accordance with its function as a storage tin roof, the building was built without decorative elements such as houses of other traditions. There are several chambered space on the ground floor level but it left open a large hall with a loggia around.

The main damage to the building is on the rendering of walls on the ground floor which has a porous due to the humidity (the building is located on the site of the lowest among the new buildings built around then). Some walls were cracked believed to be caused by vibration of vehicles in adjacent streets. Conservation work involves the replacement of a major addition to the wooden structure and the rendering of a damaged wall including the replacement of wooden floor concrete floor to the top floor to restore the authenticity of the building.


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