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Margherita Fort, built in 1878 and completed in 1879 with a total cost of 8,100 Spanish dollars. Located on a cliff facing the Town Kuching Sarawak River near Brooks residence. The place is surrounded by KampungMelayu. The fort was named 'Fort Margherita' in conjunction with the name of the wife of Charles Brook, Rajah of Sarawak both Ranee Margaret .. Strategically located on a hill facing the diversion of the Sarawak River, the fort served as a major defense Rajah Brooke's face continued opposition from the indigenous population.

In 1932, the fort was used as a central Sarawak Rangers. Originally that before 1934 there were only a prisoner but was added to the fort. The fort was also once used as a base for the Japanese army in 1941 as the building has historical value, in 1971 the fort has been listed as a Historic Building Sarawak under the Antiquities Ordinance (Ordinance Sarawak Heritage City, 1993).

The fort is a square-shaped building was built of brick plastered. It has 3 levels of basement dirt floor to the control room and custody. Levels 1 and 2 storey wooden residential space purchases for the military.While the roof is a control. Spiral staircase (spiral staircase) from buying wood and iron pillars are located on one corner connecting every level up to the roof. The higher the tower ladder from the roof to guard reviewing greater distances.

As a result of attack greater than the indigenous population, the fort was enlarged in 1934 by building high walls adjoining the original building. The building has a spacious courtyard greeting for military parade. It is equipped with two observation towers and routes for patrolling soldiers on the wall. Cannon holes constructed on the wall facing the Sarawak River and Malay village under the hill.

The fort was used as a base there in 1932 Sarawak Rangers, Headquarters Kampetai Japan during World War 2 and the latter as the Police Museum. National Heritage Department has made repairs in 2006. However, it suffered damage after being emptied by the police during the construction of a new building next to the Sarawak State Legislative Assembly this fortress. Conservation fort is one of the key projects of the National Heritage Department in 2011-2012 under the 10th Malaysia Plan.

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