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Ancient city of Melaka has been around since the 15th century BC under the Malacca Sultanate institution founded by Parameswara. Politics, economy, social and religious make even more progress this city is developing as a port 'entrepot' famous then. The implication was that there was an armed conflict on a large scale between east and European powers.

Invasion and occupation by the Portuguese fleet led by Alfonso d'Albuquerque in 1511 opened a new era of foreign occupation in Melaka. Conquest on the main trade route is then followed interchangeably Dutch and English. Portuguese and Dutch architects have left the walls of the City of Melaka but English has been destroyed.

Remnants of colonialism can be seen up to now as wall Kota Melaka, residential and administrative buildings, churches, and others are architects europe. It is your responsibility as stated in the function and role of the National Heritage Department to conserve and preserve the heritage of this country.

Research rescue archaeological excavation wall Kota Melaka Section I which was implemented in November 2006 to September 2007 were successfully expose and reveal the structure. Bastion Middelburg reconstruction began in late 2007 and was completed in late 2008. The glory of Malacca as an element of defense must be proved physically for future generations present and future.

The main objective of the research is to reveal the structure and alignment of the walls Kota Melaka and documenting the glorious history of the city of Melaka.

Therefore this research can be justified as a sustainable business framework to bring back the glory days of the Melaka State history when it was known as the busiest port in the world through archaeological excavation research.

In this way we can rescue the country's heritage through research excavations to uncover, preserve and maintain the herd at the same Melaka City walls key evidence that heritage.


Pelan Kota Melaka 1744 berdasarkan sumber Belanda
Gambaran kedudukan Kubu Pertahanan Tembok Kota Melaka berdasarkan pelan lama bandar Melaka Pembahagian empat sektor ditentukan bagi tujuan penyelidikan dan cadangan pembangunan semula yang boleh dilaksanakan berdasarkan bukti arkeologi
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