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Rapid development of archaeological research in Malaysia is an ongoing effort of the National Heritage Department (JWN) to ensure that each site, the discovery and study recorded and expanded to all. Archaeology is very important to be appreciated and studied since the resulting data help unlock many of the development issues of human life and civilization of the past, as well as one of the main sources of national historiography.

Through planning and allocation in the 9th and RM10 RM Project, the National Heritage Department has conducted several studies and provide recommendations to promote the development of archaeological sites all the experience and dive into a string of real history through the study of archeology. The main objective is to create awareness and understanding of the importance of protecting and caring for its own because that is where self-esteem and identity is proven. Through the display of historical and archaeological sequence Malaysia, we will better understand and approach the archaeological directly. That is the responsibility of the National Heritage Department study, protection and preservation of the archaeological heritage of delivering knowledge to all. Work on the study and development of archaeological sites are prime targets for each department that will find will have a big impact on the development of the study of Malaysian history, heritage protection and enhancement of the local economy through Arkeo-tourism and the dissemination of knowledge to the global stage.

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