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Carta Bahagian

Intangible Heritage Section is one of the main components of the existence of the National Heritage Department. In accordance with the provisions of the National Heritage Act 2005 (Act 645) which categorizes the cultural heritage of tangible cultural heritage (tangible cultural heritage) and intangible cultural heritage (Culutural intangible heritage). The division is responsible in accordance with the purpose of the Act was created, namely for the conservation and preservation of National Heritage, Natural Heritage, Tangible Cultural Heritage and Intangible Cultural Heritage.
Management of intangible heritage objects by the National Heritage Act specifies measures to be taken to develop, identify, send, cause to be performed and facilitate research on intangible heritage by taking into account:
• The importance of history / relationship with human history
• Maintaining the aesthetic features
• Social relations culture
• Showing the richness, diversity or unusual integration of features
• The uniqueness of the natural heritage

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